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The Denfo Philosophy
You can't manage something, unless you can measure it

DENFO Group is an international services organisation that provides Professional Services, Specialised Skills, Consulting and Specialist products. Our mission is to deliver extraordinary results in all business initiatives through partnerships and collaboration.

With extensive expertise in all areas of Business and Information Technology, DENFO offers more than the conventional consulting firm.
By not only defining what needs to be done, but also seeing it through to execution, DENFO becomes an enablement partner to your organisation.

Through our highly skilled resources and partnerships, you gain access to an agile team of experts that can quickly respond to your needs, resulting in accelerated realisation of benefits.

Project & Consulting Services

DENFO Project & Consulting services customers in various industries, from industrial, retail, manufacturing and even public service. We assist customers in dealing with complex threats in the business environment, customer centricity, advance technologies and processes.

Through cross pollination of learning and experiences in various industries, we enable customers to leverage and capitalise on previous successes in other industries.
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PIC Mats

There has been a strong focus globally to take special care of the cabling infrastructure. DENFO’s patented PIC Mat solution is the answer to creating a safe and protective environment for your cabling infrastructure.

Historically, numerous institutions have experienced issues with data cabling being damaged when installed in the conventional wire baskets, tied to cabinet frames. Replacing such damaged cables has proven to be a difficult, disruptive and a costly exercise. Ultimately Data Cable degradation manifests.
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Auto Call

Many small / medium enterprises cannot afford the immense capital layout to procure complex PABX solutions. DENFO’s AutoCall solution provides the answer.

Leverage the automated client calling functionality and campaign functionality to grow your business and improve customer service.

Want a call centre but cannot afford the salaries, office space? Why not establish a virtual call centre with agents scattered all over the country or globe. IVR and hunting group functionality included.
Additional features include the fully prepaid model where you pre-pay the VOIP and licence fees. Manage the hunting groups, campaigns, productivity reports and account status from anywhere in the world through the web portal.
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DENFO’s Global Identity Verification e-Solution, aka GIVES is the latest tool in the arsenal against identity fraud. Now the private sector has access to state of the art technology to protect against identity and currency fraud.

Authenticate any identity document, passport, driver’s license and currency from across the globe. The integrated biometric functionality enables the linking of the person to the document, verifying the holder as the legitimate owner of the identity document being presented.

GIVES is currently being used extensively across the globe by immigration, law enforcement and security agencies. Now the same system and functionality is available to the private sector.
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