About Denfo PIC Mats

There has been a strong focus globally to take special care of the cabling infrastructure. DENFO’s patented PIC Mat solution is the answer to creating a safe and protective environment for your cabling infrastructure.

Historically, numerous institutions have experienced issues with data cabling being damaged when installed in the conventional wire baskets, tied to cabinet frames. Replacing such damaged cables has proven to be a difficult, disruptive and a costly exercise. Ultimately Data Cable degradation manifests.

DENFO PIC Mats conform to the European Union Power and Network cabling standards. PIC Mats also increases the “GREEN” factor because it is far less taxing on the environment to produce. The availability of the base elements is plentiful. PIC Mats are CFC and HCFC free. All these aspects make PIC Mats not only cable friendly, but also environmentally friendly.